Church Accounting Forms

May 20, 2011

Church accounting forms are used to keep the track of the expenses that are incurred by the churches. Though Church accounting is one of the parts of Non-Profit accounting but complete details regarding the income and the expenses are to be maintained by them and thus these forms are prepared for the same.

Sample Church Accounting Form

Q1) Church Name ___________________

Q2) Address ______________________

Q3) is accounting carried on regularly in the church? ___________

Q4)  who all are classified as the employees of the church? _____________

Q5) what is the educational background of the employees? _________

Q6) what is the tax exemption procedure for a church? ____________________

Q7) what are the benefits available for ministers and employees of the church? _______

Q8) Employees Expenses _______________________

Q9) Employees expenses reimbursements – ____________________

Q10) Contributions ___________________________

Q11) Other Expenses – _______________________

Q12) Is Internal Audit undertaken? __________________

Q13) Name of an Applicant ____________________

Q14) Signature of an Applicant _______________

Q15) Date ___________________

Download Church Accounting Forms In Word Format

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