Affidavit Legal Form

May 20, 2011

The affidavit legal form is a piece of document that states a person can make a statement of facts made under oath concerning various legal matters. This form states that the person will voluntarily make an affidavit without going through any unnecessary cross-examination. Below is a sample affidavit legal form

Sample Affidavit Legal Form

I _____________________, of (Address) ___________________

Location: _____________________State: ____________________________

Country: ______________________agree to make an affidavit and state that under no circumstances was I coerced to make the affidavit. I am willing to make the affidavit; being of an intellectual capacity to take an oath and in doing so I accept the conditions that will apply when making the affidavit.

Dated _________________Sign _________________________

The affidavit will be based upon my knowledge due to my observation, and I accept this form to be presented to any public officer authorized by law to administer oaths and affirmations.

Download Affidavit Legal Form In Word Format

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