Dependant Affidavit Form

June 1, 2011

A dependent affidavit form is an official document that organizes the details regarding a dependant. Several factors are considered and are written in the form, such as information of the dependant, the particulars of resources and monitoring authorities. The legalities of the case are nicely accounted in the dependent affidavit form.
Sample dependant affidavit form:

Date of filling the form: _______________


Name of the dependant: ________________

Signature (if literate): ____________

Sex (male/female): ___________

Date of birth: _________

Nature of dependence: ____________

Proof of identification: _____________

Person/organization liable to provide support to the dependent: _________________

Signature of the concerned person/representative: _________________

Proof of identification: ________________

Amount of support (annual or monthly – as applicable): ______________

The specific details of the support as per the requirements:

Food: __________
House rent: __________
Education: _________
Health: __________
Other living costs: ____________

Official statement of declaration of the dependant affidavit:


Signature of the authority:



Download Dependant Affidavit Form In Word Format

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