Job Application Template

June 2, 2011

A job application template is a skeleton of what an applicant is required to fill by all employer regardless of the job applied for.  Such information is documented by the prospective employer so that they can have consistent data of all applicants.

Below is a sample of a job application template.

Personal Information


First Name _____________________________

Middle Name ___________________________


City, State, Zip Code

Tel Number __________________________

Email ___________________________
(Please answer YES or NO to the questions below)

Are you legally allowed in the United States?

Have you ever been jailed for felony?

If yes, explain


Vacancy Applied

States days and hours you are available for work

Days: ____________________

Hours: _________________

When are you ready to start?



Name and address of schools you have attended, grades, skills, awards you received and other qualifications that can help in the performance of the applied job


Please include present or last position, responsibilities carried out, reason for exit and how we can contact your previous employer (in that order):

Salary expected: _______________

Can we contact your previous employer(s)

Yes _____ No _____


Name, title and address of referee

I confirm that the information herein is true to the best of my knowledge. Any misleading information will result in disqualification or termination of employment if hired. The information I have provided above is subject to verification for authenticity.



Download Job Application Template In Word Format

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