Jewelery Appraisal Form

June 9, 2011

This is a form that is filled during the evaluation of a particular jewelry. This is mostly done on expensive jewelry and the jewelry appraisal forms assist in determining the exact value of rare jewelry. This could be done in shops that deal with jewelry or for individuals who own expensive jewelry. Jewelry appraisal forms should be filled by experts on jewelry.

Personal Information

Full names of owner of jewelry


Telephone ________

Address ________

Email ________

Jewelry Information

Is this jewelry for business or personal collection?


Gem _________   jewelry _________ No. of pieces _______

Age _____

Size ________

Color _________

When was the jewelry bought?

What was the cost of buying the jewelry?

What is the estimation of its current market price?

Is the jewelry insured?

Does the jewelry have insurance cover? If so specify the cover.

____________                ________________
Signature                           Date of appraisal


Download Jewelery Appraisal Form In Word Format

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