Staff Appraisal Format

June 9, 2011

Staff appraisal format is the design used to make appraisal forms. It acts as a guideline on how staff appraisal forms should be written. Appraisal forms are used when reviewing staff in the company. A staff appraisal format is mostly found online. A staff appraisal format is used to determine things like promotion.

Company / organization _______________

Department ___________

Position ____________

Year _____________

Employee Details

First name             Middle name              Surname

____________   ___________      ___________

Age ___________

Current position in the department   ______________

Staff no.  _____________

How long has he/she been with the company?


How many positions has this employee held in the company since he started working?


List the positions held.


Is this employee a team player?

Yes _______     No _______

In your opinion is this employee an exemplary worker?


Is this employee qualified for the position that he/she currently holds?


What is the level of education of this employee?


Give your recommendation for his employee



Download Staff Appraisal Format In Word Format

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