Preschool Asses

June 11, 2011

Preschool assessment form helps parents and teachers to judge a child’s skill, talent and qualities. This type of form is filled for the students who are studying in preschools.
Sample preschool assessment form

Child’s Name ____________________________________

Name of the preschool ________________________________

Grade   _________________

Year _______________
Social and Emotional Progression:-

Q1.Listens to other __________________________

Q2.Relates well with his peers ________________

Q3.Works well independently ____________________

Q3.Accepts and respect authority ___________________

Q5.Participate in classroom activities______________________

Q6.Shares everything with others ________________________

Q7.Asks for help when needed _________________________

Q8.Have good manners ________________________

Q9.Have self control ________________________________

Q10.Participates in classroom activities _________________________

Q11.Take good care of materials ______________________________

Q12.Plays and interacts with others _______________________________

Q13.Have self confidence ________________________
Skill Development:-

Q1.Listens and follows direction ___________________________

Q2.Uses sentences to complete ______________

Q3.Can identify numbers and alphabets ______________________

Q4.Enjoy reading books, poems and stories __________________________________

Q5.Can take care of basic physical needs______________________________

Q6.Can use imagination ___________________________________

Q7.Can recognize rhyming words _________________________

Q8.Learning good health and safety habits ________________________________

Q9.Special skills (music, sports, creative writing or drawing)



Download Preschool Asses In Word Format

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