Truck Bill of Sale Form

June 15, 2011

A truck bill of sale form is a very important paper that has the details of trading a truck between two parties – the dealer/seller and the customer/buyer. The price of the truck, details of the dealer and the customer and relevant information about the deal are neatly mentioned in the sale form making it convenient for any future reference.

Sample truck bill of sale form:

Date of the sale: _____________
Full name of the dealer/seller: _______________
Signature of the dealer/seller: _______________
Address of the shop/garage: _______________
Contact phone number: ______________
Identification proof of the dealer/seller: ________________
Registered trading license id of the dealer/seller: ______________
Name of the truck brand: _____________
Truck model number: _____________
Features: _______________
Price (exclusive of taxes): ____________
Road tax: _____________
Environmental tax: ___________
Total price: _____________
Full name of the customer: ______________
Signature of the customer: ________________
Contact address of the customer: ______________
Contact phone number: _______________
Identification proof of the customer: ____________
Driving license number (in special cases): _________


Download Truck Bill of Sale Form In Word Format

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