Business Lease Form

June 16, 2011

Business lease forms are used for business lease agreements to be made between the owner of the business and the tenant. The lease made in this form comes into effect from the date it is registered. This form is the standard format for making lease agreements adhering to legal standards. The form holds the right of the tenant to carry on the business according to the conditions met between them.
Sample Business Lease Form

Q1) Name of the Owner       ______________________________

Q2) Address (Permanent) __________________________

Q3) Address (Temporary)     ____________________________

Q4) Name of the Tenant       ______________________________

Q5) Address of the Tenant __________________________

Q6) Type of Business   ________________________

Q7) Business Lease Start date       _______________________________

Q8) Business Lease End Date _____________________________________

Q9) Rental amount payment mode _____________________________

Q10) Security Deposit          _________________________

Q11) Sublease and Assignment      ________________________

Q12) Taxes ____________________________

Q13) Insurances  ______________________

Q14) Utilities               _____________________

Q15) Signs and Logos  _________________________

Q16) Damage and Destruction       ___________________

Q17) Subordination      ________________________

Q18) Notice Period      ______________________________

Q19) Name and Signature of Owner       ___________________

Q20) Name and Signature of Tenant      __________________


Download Business Lease Form In Word Format

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