Complaint Form Template

June 16, 2011

Each company should have a mechanism to record any complaint made by a customer or employee.  It is therefore important for you to have a complaint form.  This template can be used as an example to help you come up with a format that can be used to record complaints.

Name of Store or Company: ___________________

Manager or Supervisor: _____________________

Name of Complainant: ______________________

Address: _________________________________

Telephone number: __________________________

Mobile number: _________________________

Email: __________________________________

Date of complaint: _____________________
Describe in detail and accurately the nature of your complaint: _____________________

Give the name of the person you first reported the complaint to: ____________________

Describe what actions can be taken in order to deal effectively with your complaint: ____

Describe what measures can be taken to avoid a repeat of your complaint: ____________

Signature of the Complainant: _______________________ Date: ______________
Complainant recorded by: __________________________ Date: _____________


Download Complaint Form Template In Word Format

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