Employee Complaint Form

June 16, 2011

An employee complaint form is used when there is a complaint by an employee against another employee, senior manager or supervisor.  It is a way of documenting any complaint especially in case of a lawsuit.  This form can be used as evidence and it is important for the information to be accurate.

Company name: ____________________________

Name of employee: ______________________

Date of complaint: _________________________

Supervisor’s name: _________________________

Describe accurately the details of your complaint and against whom: ________________

Describe how the incident you are complaining about has impacted negatively on your work: __________________________________________________________________

Describe how the company can deal effectively with your complaint: ________________

Give additional comments which you believe will be important during further investigations of your complaint: _____________________________________________

Supervisor’s comments: ________________________________________

Complainant’s Signature: ______________________ Date: ___________________

By signing you declare that all information you have given here is truthful and accurate


Download Employee Complaint Form In Word Format

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