Food Complaint Form

June 17, 2011

A food complaint form is a very important piece of document. It has the provision to file a complaint against a company/restaurant/hotel/eatery, accusing for the poor/unhealthy quality of food. The information provided by filling in the complaint form makes the basis of investigation to check for the validity of the complaint made regarding the food.
Sample food complaint form:

Date of filling food complaint form: ______________

Food complaint form number: ____________

Name of the person filing the complaint: ________________

Signature of the person filing the complaint: _____________

Proof of Identification: ______________

Contact address: ______________

Contact phone number: ______________

The nature of the complaint: _____________

The name of the company/restaurant/hotel/eatery against which the complaint is filed:


Date when you visited the restaurant: ___________________________

The type of food: ______________

The preparation’s name (if any): ____________

The specific effects on the consumer: __________________

Name of the investigating officer:


Signature of the investigating officer with seal:



Download Food Complaint Form in Word Format

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