Parental Consent Form Template

June 17, 2011

A parental consent form template is used to show the consent of a parent in relation to different circumstances which might call for a parent’s permission in order for a minor to participate in a given activity. Below is a sample of a parental consent form template.
Sample Parental Consent Form Template

Your son/daughter is invited to take part in _______________________ on the ____/_______/20_______. I am asking for your consent to allow your son/daughter to take part in this __________ (state activity).

If you allow your son/daughter to participate, we will ________________ (describe your responsibilities to the child).

You may keep a copy of this consent form.

By signing below, you have decided to let your child participate in ____________ on the ______/________/20_____.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you change your mind or for more information.

Name of child: _________________________

Name of parent/legal guardian: ___________________________

Signature:   ___________________  Date: _________________

School principal signature:   ______________    Date: _______________


Download Parental Consent Form Template in Word Format

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