Divorce decree form

June 21, 2011

A divorce decree form is a legal binding between the couple seeking separation with the instruction of court for completing the divorce procedure. Such a form is solemnly drafted by following the country divorce acts and regulations.
Sample Divorce Decree Form:

District Court: _______________                       Country: _________

Court File Number: ___________

Initial Contact Details of the Couple:

Name of the Petitioner: _________________________

Address: ___________________________________


Name of the Respondent: ______________

Address: __________________________________________ZIP: _______________

Fill the details of legally registered marriage:

Date: ___/___/___

Place: __________

Time: _________

Has the couple understated the legal meaning of Marriage Dissolution Act: __________
Have all the financial matters and property issues been settled between the couple: ___________
Is the couple aware about the after divorce results: _______________

Give the details of child , if the couple is in parenthood: __________________
Name the person, who is willing to take the custody of the child :________
What is the amount decided for the child allowance: ________________
Mention the details of spouse allowance: _____________________________

Signature of the Divorcee Couple:

Signature ___________

Signature 2: _________

Signature of the Attorney: ____________

Place: ________________


Download Divorce decree form in Word Format

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