Trial separation form

June 21, 2011

A trial separation form can be used in a case where the couple wants to divorce, but they are interested to take a trail separation before going for a permanent divorce. After this, if the couple is fully agreed to take final divorce, this form can be executed for further process as a base document.
Sample Trial separation form:

Personal Details of the Couple seeking Trail Separation:

Name of the Petitioner: ______________________

Address: _________________________________

Contact Number: __________________________

Name of the Respodent: ______________________

Address: ____________________________

Contact Number: _____________________

The legitimate wedding details of the couple: ___/____/___, Time: ________ Place: _________
Why the couple is interested in trial separation: ___________________________
Does the couple understand the Act of Trial Separation: ____________________
Mention the period of this separation: ___________________________________
How determent the couple is about the divorce: ___________________________
Does the couple has any child: __________________________________________
Please fill details:

Name       Sex         Date of Birth        Age

___        _____          ______             ______
Give the details of children allowance: ________________________________
Details of the spouse allowance and property settlement: _____________________
Is the Adjudicator agreed over the separation period: ___________________
The separation trial is effective from __/___/___ and is terminating on __/___/___.

Signature of the Petitioner: ____________

Signature of the Respondent: ___________

Signed by the Attorney: _______________

Place: _____________________________

Date: _____________________________


Download Trial separation form in Word Format

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