Company Evaluation Form

June 22, 2011

A company evaluation form is used in order to assess the overall performance of a company. Such an evaluation form plays a vital role in recording the current growth of a company and also helps to know the areas where improvement is needed/
Sample Company Evaluation Form:

Name of the company: __________________

Name of the person filling the form: _______________________

Designation of the person filling the form: _______________________

Address: _________________________________

Website: ________________________________

Contact number: _________________________

Corporate Profile Category: ________________

Use average/ good/ excellent for evaluating a company’s performance on the following grounds:

Availing the opportunities of working with the other entrepreneurs: _________________

Ratio of setting up new goals and corporate meetings regarding the same:  _____________________

Growth of overall corporate network:  ________________________

Overall customer satisfaction rate of this company: _____________

Presentation impression of the company personals: _____________

Improvement in the services and product quality: ________________

Any other relevant points: __________________________

Signed by the concerned authority:



Download Company Evaluation Form in Word Format

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