Nursing Evaluation Form

June 23, 2011

A nursing evaluation form is a programmed assessment form used for evaluating the overall nursing skills and experience of a nurse candidate. This form is widely used in the hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare institutions.
Sample Nursing Evaluation Form:

Name of the nursing candidate: ____________-

Sex: ____________ Age: _______________

Date of evaluation: ___/___/___

Objective of the nursing form: ______________

Please rate the nursing candidate by using average/ good/ excellent remarks.

Clinical Knowledge of nursing candidate: ___________________

Experience of conducting an initial physical investigation of a patient: ___________

Practice of using the surgical tool in the operation theatre: ____________________

Communication skills: ________________

Interpersonal skills in order to handle the patients: __________________________

Ability to prepare and maintain the documentation and medical prescriptions: _____________

Capability of working in the night shifts: ____________

Behavioural and occupational awareness: ____________

Knowledge of sanitation and hygiene standards: ____________

Ability of following rules & regulations: ______________________

Overall performance: _________________________

Initials of the instructor: ____________


Download Nursing Evaluation Form in Word Format

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