Sample Managers Evaluation Form

June 22, 2011

Managers Evaluation Form

This form is used to rank the performance of a manager in terms of his or her performance in the workplace. Typically, a reviewer will observe a manager in a company and rate performance based on what he sees or may inquire from employees, staff and clients to get a wide view of the ratings.

Manager Name: _____________________________________________

Company: __________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________

Use the rating scale below to gauge how well a manager is performing.

Rating Scale:

4=Exemplary  3=Solid Sustained

2=Achieves Results 1=Does not achieve Results

Results oriented (achieves goals based on set goals) _____
Participative leadership (interacts effectively and maintains positive relationships with his peers) _____
Communication (listens well, gives clear and complete instructions) _____
Problem solving and decision making (Understands factors and develops sound workable solutions, recognizing when decisions are needed and delivering on them) _____
Development of employees (trains, guides, assists and appraises and also reviews employees performance in timely, air and appropriate manner) _____
Customer focus (fosters and models a commitment to excellent customer service) _____
Work environment and safety (promotes a respectful conducive work environ and ensures compliance to safety regulations) _____
Organizational knowledge (understands details of products and services given by the firm.) _____
Planning and organizing (follows a plan to meet deadlines) _____

Reviewer’s Name: ______________________

Sign____________   Date______________

Download Sample Managers Evaluation Form in Word Format

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