Seminar Feedback Form

June 25, 2011

A seminar feedback form acts as a guide for better planning in future. The form is designed in such a way that the information gives a clear picture of the events on the ground. The participants are given an opportunity to air their satisfaction and vice-versa for future improvement.


Extremely good


Quite good


Fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate grades provided above.

* How was the overall organization of the seminar ———————————–

* How relevant was the material provided to the topic covered —————————

* How prepared was the presenter ——————————————–

* Was the appropriate was the venue for the seminar ————————————

* How was the attendance of the seminar in general ————————————–

* How appropriate were the facilities ——————————————

* How were the illustrations ———————-

* If asked to come for another seminar what would be your reaction —————————————-

(Tick where appropriate)

* Was there personal participation during the seminar  Yes_____No________

* Did the seminar challenge your opinion and perceptions? Yes________ No_______

Additional Comments and  Suggestions_______________________________________________


Download Seminar Feedback Form in Word Format

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