Bar inventory form

June 27, 2011

Bar inventory form is used to keep the record of the assets, available liquor list and other inventories available in a bar. Such form helps to know the total inventory available in a bar.

Sample Bar inventory form:

  • Inventory form number: _____________
  • Prepared On: ___/____/____                          Effective till: ____/____/___
  • Bar Details:

Name of the Bar Owner: __________________________

Contact number of the owner: _____________________

Bar Name: ______________________________________

Bar Location: City: ___________, State: ___________, PIN: _________

Phone Number: ____________________

  • Bar Inventory details:

Is this bar in partnership: ___________________________________________________?

What is the total land estimation on which the bar is established: ________________?

Mention the type of liquor and associated value of each: ________________________

List and value of eatables served with the liquor: _____________________________

Estimation cost of the infrastructure, including furniture, entertainment gadgets (music, DJ, television): ______________________

Details and evaluation of toiletries, comforts and small equipments used in the bathrooms: _________________________

Give the details of any other inventory in the bar

  • Prepared By: _____________________
  • Verified By: ______________________
  • Signature of the Owner: ___________

Download Bar inventory form in Word Format

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