Chemical Inventory Form

June 27, 2011

A Chemical Inventory form is a complete list of chemicals present in an organization or in a company. The Chemical Inventory form helps to know the available chemicals so that their stock can be maintained as per needs and requirements. The term chemical is any liquid, solid or gas available in the industry or factory (e.g., rubber duplicating or cement fluid), along with those used in science, trade or vocational shops.

Sample Chemical Inventory Form

Q1 Factory name ___________________________________

Q2 address __________________________

Q3 Product name _________________________________

Q4 Manufacturer name ____________________________

Q5 Storage location______________________________

Q6 Manufacturer address ________________________________

Q7 chemical name ______________________________________

Q8 Warning on label of the container ________________________________________

Q9 Any identification data of chemical________________________________________

Q10 Quantity of chemical ________________________

Q11 Chemical type _________________________________________

Q12 Physical state ________________________________

Q13 Usage frequency ______________________________

Q14 No of employees exposed to it regularly _________________________

Q145Measuring unit use for the chemical_______________________________________

Q16 Type of container used ______________________________________

Q17 name of person completing form________________________________

Q18 date of completion ______________________________________


Download Chemical Inventory Form in Word Format

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