Food inventory form

June 27, 2011

Food inventory form is used by hotels, restaurants and eating joints in order to keep a record of available food and related raw material. This type of form helps to order the needed food and raw materials whenever required.

Sample Food inventory form:

  • Details of the restaurant:

Name of the restaurant/ hotel: _____________

Address: _____________________________

Contact Number: ______________________

E-mail Address: ______________________

Website if any: ______________________

  • Food inventory details:

Type of the restaurant/ hotel (vegetarian/ non- vegetarian/ multi- cuisine):__________

Total cost of the food production apparatus and equipments: _______________

Give the total estimation cost of chicken & gravy items: ________________

Evaluation of rice and wheat items: ___________________________________

Production & total sale of fish & sea food: _______________________________

Estimated value of beef, meat & poultry: _____________________________

Mention the available cost of the raw material for cooking: _______

Provide the value of the cooking oil to be consumed regularly: _____________

  • Prepared By: _____________________
  • Checked By: ______________________
  • Signature of the Owner: ____________
  • Date of preparation: ___/___/____
  • Ending Date: ___/___/___

Download Food inventory form in Word Format

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