Office Supplies Inventory Form

June 27, 2011

An office supplies inventory form is a document used in most organizations to keep track of office supplies given to a department monthly. Every department’s office supplies inventory is made according to departmental requirements and use of the office supplies per month. Below is a sample office supplies inventory form.

Sample Office Supplies Inventory Form

Department ___________ Manager _________

No. of items _________ Date acquired__________ cost________

Calendars________ correction fluid______ envelopes______ file folders________

Glue______ Paper puncher_______ Paper_________ Paperclips_________ pencils________

Pens_______ Rulers_______ Scissors_________ Stamp pads_______ stamps________

Staplers_________ Staples__________ Tape_________ Printer cartridge________

Toners____ CDs________ Headphones__________ mouse pads________ clock_______

Batteries______ surge protectors_______ tape cassettes ________ magnetic tape feeds______

Optical character readers__________ lamps__________ bulbs_________ file cabinets_______

Desks________ chairs___________ stick pads_________ Cello tape________ erasers_______

Books ________ Toilet paper ___________ hand soap ___________ hand towel _________

Keyboards__________ monitors____________ UPS___________ Chords __________ power

Extensions __________ Partitions___________ Telephones___________

Store manager _____________ Signature _______ Date __________ Stamp ___________

Department Representative_________ signature ___________ date __________



Download Office Supplies Inventory Form in Word Format

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