Personal property inventory form

June 27, 2011

Personal property inventory form is used by the property owners to keep a detail record of the property. Such a form can be utilized in case of property insurance, in case of burglary and to evaluate any kind of losses associated with the property.

Sample personal property inventory form:

  • Property owner details:

Name of the Property Owner:

Address: City: ____________, State: _____________, PIN: __________

Contact Number: ___________________

Prepared On: ___/____/___

  • Personal property inventory terms:

How many rooms including bedroom, living room, and kitchen are there in the house __________________________?

What is the estimation cost of the home, appliances, apparatus and gadgets in the house: ______________?

How many vehicles do you have and mention their total value: ________________

What is the original cost of the furniture and other antics available in the house: _____________?

Evaluation of personal belongings of men (accessories, wardrobe, watches, etc): _____ ______________

Estimation of personal belongings of women (jewellery, dresses, handbags, footwear, etc): _____________

  • Signature of the landlord: _______________
  • Prepared by: _______________________

Download Personal property inventory form in Word Format

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