Software Inventory Form

June 27, 2011

Software inventory form is the complete list of software’s which are kept by an organization or a company. This type of form helps the company to know the complete details of the present software so that they can be managed properly as per the needs and requirements.

Sample Software Inventory Form

Q1 Name of person filling the form __________________________

Q2 Name of department __________________________________

Q3 Address___________________________________

Q4 Name of software used ______________________________________

Q5 Version of the software that are being kept________________________

Q6 How many copies of each software are there? __________________________

Q7 What is the PO number? _______________________________________

Q8 What is the invoice number? ________________________________________

Q9 What has been the delivery or installation date? _________________________________

Q10 Who is the license holder of the software? ___________________________________

Q11 Does the software need to be replaced or upgraded? ____________________________

Q13 Is maintenance available for renewal? _________________________________

Q14 What are your further requirements for software? __________________

Q15 How do you manage the stock of your software? ________________


Download Software Inventory Form in Word Format

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