Textbook Inventory Form

June 27, 2011

A textbook inventory form is filled out by a teacher concerning the number of textbooks available and those that have been given out to students.  This form is also used to record the general condition of the textbooks in the classroom.  A textbook inventory is used to record all details concerning the textbooks.  Below is a sample textbook inventory form.

Sample Textbook Inventory Form

Name of school: ______________________    Location: _____________________

Address: ____________________________    Zip code: _____________________

Tel no: _____________________________     Mob no.______________________

Name of class: _______________________    Grade/ Level: __________________

Teacher’s name: ______________________    No of students: _________________

Please fill out the following details concerning the current status of the textbooks:

Title of textbook:                ____________________               __________________

Author:                      ____________________               __________________

Publisher:                  ____________________               __________________

No of copies:                      ____________________               __________________

Edition                       ___________________                 __________________

Condition of textbook: ____________________               __________________

Please indicate the following details concerning the assignment of the textbooks:

Name of student:                ____________________               __________________

Title of book:                      ____________________               __________________

Date assigned book:          ____________________           __________________

Date book returned:            ____________________               __________________

Condition of textbook: ____________________               __________


Download Textbook Inventory Form in Word Format

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