Liability Waiver Form

June 29, 2011

A liability waiver form is necessary whenever one is planning an event. The form acts as a protection to the organizer in case of an incident or issue arising during the event. It is mainly important when the event involves activities that are considered risky. Below is a sample liability waiver form.

Sample Liability Waiver Form

Name of activity or event ________________________

Date of activity or event _________________________

I _____________ hereby waive __________________ its officers and employees from any liability of injury, loss or damage to personal property associated with activities participated in this event. I acknowledge that I understand the content of this document. I am aware that it is legally binding and I sign it out of my own free will.

Participant Name ______________ Participant Age _________________

Participant signature ___________   Date ________

For participants under 18 years

Participant Name ____________________ Participant Age __________________

Parent/Guardian Name ________________ Parent/Guardian signature _____________

Date _________________


Download Liability Waiver Form in Word Format

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