Release of Liability Form

June 29, 2011

A release of liability form is mandatory for events that involve activities that may be considered risky. It may be used on campus activities such as sports and athletic events. It releases the university from litigation in case of injuries that may result from the activities that the students participate in. Shown below is a sample release of liability form.

Sample Release of Liability Form

I ______________ in consideration of my participation in _______________ on the _______ day of ___________ at _______________ hereby release _______________, its employees and officers from any liability for injuries, loss or damage to personal property which may occur while participating in this event.

I understand the risks of participation which may include but are not limited to _______


I understand that my participation is strictly voluntary.

Participant Name _____________Signature __________ Date _________________

Participants below 18 years

Parent/Guardian Name ________________ Signature ___________ Date ________


Download Release of Liability Form in Word Format

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