Parent Feedback Form

July 16, 2011

When an institution launches its educational facilities, they normally parents to visit the institution to see first hand where their children will be staying, studying and socializing. The general feeling is that if the parents love the place, so will their children. In this attempt to make a hoe away from home for them, a parent feedback form is used to gather the general appreciation of the parents about the place.

Name of Parent: ____________________________________________

Contact Details: _________________________________________________


A) Above par

B) Good

C) Suitable

D) Reasonable

The school is situated at a serene location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. How do you find the location? _____________________________________________

The school is privately owned, allowing it to source for the best trained tutors available. How did you find the teachers’ hiring process? _________________________________________________________

Download Parent Feedback Form in Word Format

The school is fully equipped with the latest sports, laboratory and security facilities keeping with the highest standards of education institutions. How would it compare to other schools you have been to? ________________________________________

The Management of the school found it imperative to have a Parents-Teachers Organization that will ensure proper Cohesion of the two principals to make sure the children’s needs come first. What are your sentiments to the creation of this group? _____________________________________________


Would you join the organization? __________

Do you plan to bring your child/children to the school? ______________________________________

Can we contact you for a follow-up? _______________________________________

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