Restaurant Feedback Form

July 16, 2011

When a new restaurant launches or rebrands itself, the management needs to know if the services that they offer are welcome to the clientele. The only way to do this would be to have them fill a questionnaire that helps them determines whether they met expectations or need to make changes on the quality of service.  A restaurant feedback form is used in this case.

Name: __________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Email:  _________________________________________

Profession: ________________________________

Age: ________________________

Is this your first visit? ______________

How did you find the ambience, setting, aura of the restaurant? _________________________________

How would you say the reception was at the restaurant? ______________________________________

How long would you say is the duration that it took to get any service? ___________________________

How did you find the attitude of the employees? _____________________________________________

How did you find the service, food and presentation at the restaurant? ___________________________

What did you feel made it stand out from the others that you have been to? ______________________

Download Restaurant Feedback Form in Word Format

Was this your first visit? _______. Was the visit a business meeting/date/drive-through?

How did you first hear about us? _________________________________________________________

Would you recommend it to your family/friends? ____________________________________________

What should we change/add to our services to me our service better? ___________________________ ________________________________________________

Would you like us to contact you in case we open a new outlet, have any offers, promotions or events? _________________________________________

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