Officer Nomination Form

July 1, 2011

An Officer Nomination form is used by many non-profit organizations, government agencies and other organizations for selecting a presiding officer/supervisor for a particular purpose. The person can nominate himself or others can also nominate a name suitable for the job. The fields of form vary according to the requirements of job but few basic fields remain the same.

Sample Officer Nomination Form

Nominee Name______________________

The post for which the nominee is being nominated ________________

Age_________ Gender_______________

Present Occupation________________

Job Description in Brief_________________________________

Company/Organization Name__________

Years of Service____________________

Have you received a NOC from your present organization/Company ___________ if yes than provide details__________________?

Official Address______________________

Home Address___________  City_______ Postal Code__________

State___________  Country_____________

Work Phone Number____________ Home Number___________

Explain those reasons due to which you are interested to serve our organization_______________________



Do you have any pervious experience of this job, Explain_________________


Your Availability for Day Hours_______________________________


I hereby declare the above information is valid.

Signature Nominee/Nominator__________

Submission Date______________


Download Officer Nomination Form in Word Format

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