Patent office form

July 2, 2011

A patent office form is used for applying a patent for any product. It is a kind of exclusive rights that are given by the state to the inventor for a definite period of time. This patent is handed in return of the disclosure of the invention that has been made. A patent is only given if the invention is found to be new or useful to the industry.

Sample Patent office forms:

Application form for the grant of patent:

Q1) Please mention your full name

Q2) Please mention your complete address

Q3) Your nationality

Q4) Your application number and date of application:

Q5) Title of your invention in the convention country:

Q6) Your patent number:

Q7) Date of filing your complete specification:

Q8) Have you attached all the necessary documents along with this form?

I hereby solemnly swear that this invention is genuinely mine and that it is, by no way, associated with any other product/service

Signature: ________________


Download Patent office form in Word Format

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