Power of Attorney Notary

July 4, 2011

Power of attorney notary serves to legalize power of attorney form. Power of attorney notary form is signed in front of a notary public and two witnesses. If you fail to do this, the power of attorney is not legal. Below is a sample of power of notary form

Sample Power of Attorney Notary

I (name), a resident of (address, county, state) appoint (name, address, county, state) as my attorney –in –fact (referred to as the agent) on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Authority to act. The agent is authorized to act for me under this power of attorney as described herein.
  2. Powers of Agent. The Agent may act and exercise power, authority and control on my behalf, with regard to the following described estate:
    registration no LR/PLOT 545454/75Limited to the following enumerated powers:

      1. Possession. To take possession and control of the land
      2. Delegation of Authority. To engage and dismiss agents and employees, in connection with the matters described herein, upon such terms as my agent determines.
    1. Durability. This Power of Attorney shall expire thirty (30) days from its date of execution, or at an earlier date if revoked by me in writing, or at such time as the motor vehicle is returned to my possession.
    2. Reliance by Third Parties. Third parties may rely upon the representations of the Agent as to all matters regarding powers granted to the Agent. No person who acts in reliance on the representations of the Agent or the authority granted under this Power of Attorney shall incur any liability to me or to my estate for permitting the Agent to exercise any power prior to actual knowledge that the Power of Attorney has been revoked or terminated by operation of law or otherwise.
    3. Indemnification of Agent. No agent named or substituted in this power shall incur any liability to me for acting or refraining from acting under this power, except for such agent’s own misconduct or negligence. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless any agent named or substituted in this power for any court costs, civil judgments, or reasonable attorney fees that are incurred as a result of exercising the powers described herein.
    4. Original Counterparts. Photocopies of this signed Power of Attorney shall be treated as original counterparts.

Dated: [DATE]


Signed in the presence of:



Subscribed and sworn to before me on [DATE].

Notary Public, [COUNTY, STATE]
My commission expires ______________.


Download Power of Attorney Notary in Word Format

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