Simple Power of Attorney Form

July 5, 2011

Simple power of attorney form is a legal document that gives legal permission to another adult to act on your behalf immediately or upon mental incapacity. The simple power of attorney form can be granted for a specific period of time. Below is a sample simple power of attorney form.

Sample Simple Power of Attorney Form

Name of principal___________________       Address__________ State__________

Name of Attorney in-fact ___________ Company ___________ Address______________   State___________

Powers given to attorney in-fact

To act for me in estate trust and other beneficiary issues____

To act in all claims and litigating matters_______

To take action required to fulfill tax obligations ________

To retain and reinvest assets and investments________

To enter nay safety deposit box of mine _______

Limited Powers

To manage and collect rent for specific properties _____

To have control over specific accounts _________

Signature_______ Date _________


Notary Public ____________ Signature _______   Date ________

Accept By:

Attorney in-fact (Signature) _________   Date ________


Download Simple Power of Attorney Form in Word Format

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