Special Power of Attorney Form

July 4, 2011

The special power of attorney form is a document that shows the transfer of authority and rights of a matter from a client to an attorney. The document describes conditions under which these rights are transferred and also describes the authority and rights themselves. Below is a sample template of a special power of attorney form.

Sample Special Power of Attorney Form

I (Name of client) _____________________, (Address) ___________________ appoint

(Name of lawyer) ____________________________ of

(Address)___________ (4) _______________, as the attorney to act on my behalf in

matters as described herein.

(Description of extent of authority)

The rights and powers granted to the undersigned attorney shall commence on

_________________ and shall be in effect until___________________ with the

exception of an extension or prior notice of termination of this agreement by either party.

Dated _____________Sign __________________

The authority in this mater hereby appoints me as the attorney he grants full authority and

power to act on his behalf concerning the described matter as

from________________________in person and in full knowledge and consciousness.


Expiry of Commission _________________________


Download Special Power of Attorney Form in Word Format

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