Delivery receipt form

July 6, 2011

Delivery receipt forms show proof of receipt of goods or services. They are mainly associated with goods as they have a physical aspect to them. A retailer acknowledges receiving a consignment of goods from his/her supplier. The buyer signs it before it is returned to the seller. This officially takes care of uncertainties on the part of the supplier who gets to know the safe and timely arrival of goods to their designated destination. Below is a sample of a delivery receipt.

Sample Delivery Receipt Form

Name of supplying company: ____________

Delivery receipt

Supplier’s address:  ____________

Date: ___________

Dear ______________

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the following in perfect condition and as per the set conditions of our supply contract from the firm of ____________ (name of supplying company):

Description                    Quantity Delivered         Weight         Order No.      Additional order info

_________                     ______________            ______          _______      _______________ _________                     ______________            ______          _______      _______________

Invoice number_______ Date actually received: ___________

Recipients’ signature: _____________

Recipients’ name: _____________


Download Delivery receipt form in Word Format

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