Official receipt form

July 6, 2011

The official receipt is generated at many points of sale ranging from banks to grocery stores. It is issued upon receipt of cash or check thus validating the transaction at hand. It can be used to place claims in the event that the goods/services acquired have not met the set standards. It can also be used in a court of law to settle legal claims. Below is a sample of an official receipt.

Sample official receipt

Business name (XXX)

Postal Address: _______

Physical Address: ______

Tel no: __________

Receipt no: _________


Received from: ____________                                                               Date: _____________

Quantity                                                      Details                                      Amount ($)

1.__________                   ___________________________                      ________________

2.__________                   ___________________________                      ________________

3.__________                   ___________________________                      ________________

Total                     ________________

Cash                                                   Check                                      Cash and check total

Amount                 Bank           Check no.       Amount




Received by: _______________

Official stamp: ______________


Download Official receipt form in Word Format

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