Dance Registration Form

July 8, 2011

A dance registration form gives admission to a dance class organized by a dance studio. The applicant gets admitted to the specific dance program that they wish to learn as specified in the form. The dance registration form has to be duly and carefully filled in to choose the dance session that one wants to take admission into.

Sample Dance Registration Form

Name of Applicant                                       ___________________________________

Applicant’s Father’s Name                             ___________________________________

Applicant’s Age                                    ___________________________________

Address of Applicant                                    ___________________________________

State                                                 ___________________________________

Pin Code                                            ___________________________________

Contact Number                                  ___________________________________

Email ID                                             ___________________________________

Occupation                                         ___________________________________

Date of Birth                                               ___________________________________

Educational Qualification                               ___________________________________

Participated in Dance Competition in School / College

Yes / No                                                                     ___________________________________

If yes, details of the Dance Competition’s participated In________________________________

Any other form of dance earlier learnt specify           ___________________________________

If answered yes to above question give details of

Dance studio where enrolled                                      ___________________________________

Hobbies                                             ___________________________________

Life’s Ambition / Goal                                __________________________________

How did you hear about us?                          ___________________________________

Self-declaration of physical fitness to undertake dance

Coaching                                                                    ________________________________

Location preference                                                  __________________________________

Preferred time to attend coaching classes                __________________________________

Payment of fee details                                              _________________________________

Signature of applicant                                                ________________________________

Signature of parent/guardian if applicant is minor    ________________________________

Date of application                                                    ________________________________


Application accepted or not                                      ________________________________

Membership id issued                                              _________________________________

Membership issue date                                            _________________________________


Download Dance Registration Form in Word Format

Sample Search Forms:

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nandhagopal July 6, 2014 at 7:17 am

i interest to the dance i will participate in many program so i want join
pls accepted my request


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