Hotel Registration Form

July 7, 2011

A hotel registration form is primarily used as an official document to register a hotel’s name with the concerned administrative authority and/or the government office. It is compulsory to register the name of a business entity providing services and/or goods as per the legal framework of any state. The hotel registration form with its concise format makes it very convenient for the applicant to fill the required blanks and provide with the pertinent information to the concerned authorities for the hotel to be registered.

Sample Hotel Registration Form:

The official code number of the hotel registration form:  _____________

The date of filling the form: ______________

The name of the hotel: ________________

The name of the hotel’s proprietor: ________________

The full contact address of the hotel: ______________________ \

Telephone number (if any): ______________

Email id (if any): ____________

Proprietor’s Signature in full: ______________

Total fees for hotel registration: _________________

Tenure of the hotel registration:  _______________


Download Hotel Registration Form in Word Format

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