Orkut Registration Form

July 7, 2011

Orkut registration form helps in getting membership to one of the largest social networking website Orkut. Once registration is complete on orkut by using the registration form one gets access to all the features of the website. One has to make use of the user ID and password given in the registration form to login into the orkut account. The password can also be retrieved in case forgotten by making use of the security question that was given in the registration form at the time of signing up.

Sample Orkut registration form

First Name                                                                               _____________________

Middle Name (optional)                                                          _____________________

Last Name (optional)                                                                _____________________

Country                                                                                    _____________________

Gender selection

Male                                                                                         _____________________

Female                                                                                      _____________________

Selection of username that will be used

(Subject to availability)                                                            _____________________

Selection of password                                                               ____________________

(Minimum 6 characters)

Re-type password                                                                     _____________________

Select region                                                                            _____________________

Valid postal code                                                                  _____________________

Specify time-zone                                                                     _____________________

Specify Age

(Above 18 years)                                                                        _____________________

Select if you want to set orkut as default homepage                _____________________

Selection of date month and year of birth                                 _____________________

Specify Security question 1                                                      _____________________

Answer to security question 1                                                  _____________________

Specify Security question 2                                                      _____________________

Answer to security question 2                                                    ____________________

Agreement of terms of service of website                                  ____________________

Verification of word by typing the characters visible               _____________________

Acceptance by applicant by clicking account creation button   ____________________


Download Orkut Registration Form in Word Format

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