Race Registration Form

July 7, 2011


A race registration form helps in enrolment into a race event that is organized for a specific cause. The funds so collected on account of the race is donated or used for the benefit of some charitable institution. A race registration form solicits the involvement of public at large for a good cause and its sustenance.

Sample Race registration form

Name of the participant                                                     ____________________

Participant category:-

Child                                                                                 ____________________

Adult                                                                                 ____________________

Address for communication                                              ____________________

City                                                                                    ____________________

State                                                                                   ____________________

Zip code                                                                             ____________________

Telephone number                                                            ____________________

Email address                                                                    ____________________

Date of birth of participant                                                ____________________

Age as on the date of the race                                           ____________________


Male                                                                                  ____________________

Female                                                                               ____________________

Physical Fitness                                                                ____________________

(Mention medical ailments if any)
Membership ID of Club participating from                      ____________________

Name of the Club                                                              ___________________

Type of event participating in                                           ____________________

Registration fees paid                                                        ____________________

Late registration fees to be paid (tick if applicable)         ____________________

Mode of payment of registration fees                                ____________________

(Cash/Cheque/Credit card)

Last date for registration                                                    ___________________

Size of the T-shirt

Small                                                                                   __________________

Medium                                                                               __________________

Large                                                                                   __________________

Extra large                                                                           __________________

Self declaration of potential hazards of participation

In the race                                                                           ___________________

Agreement to terms and conditions of course                   ____________________

Signature of applicant                                                        ___________________

Signature of parent or guardian

(If participant under 18 years of age)                                _____________________

Date of application                                                            _____________________


Download Race Registration Form in Word Format

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