School Registration Form

July 7, 2011

School registration form is the layout of the document which has to be filled up by the parents or students prior taking admission to any school. This is a way through which one could get registered while taking admission to any of school.

Sample School Registration Form

Indus Valley Public School

Name of the student ______________________________            Registration No __________

Gender __________________

Date of Birth ___________________

Name of Guardian ___________________________

Contact Details _______________________

Blood group of the student ____________________________

Quota: __________________

Admission to be taken on class _____________________

Grade or Aggregate of last class _______________

Admission test date ____________________

If the student is taking admission on kindergarten, did he or she attend pre-school before this?


Guardian is requested to declare that their ward is completely fit mentally and physically.

The student must have 75% attendance for promotion on the next class.

Signature of the Student ________________________

Signature of the Guardian _____________________

Date __________


Download School Registration Form in Word Format

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