Student Registration Form

July 8, 2011

A student registration form is needed to capture the basic details of prospective students such as their parents’ names, contact address and phone or mobile numbers, ethnicity, caste, creed and gender, education details etc. This is needed for the records of the institution who might either be accepting students through their performance on the basis of an entrance examination or on the basis of the merit as per their academic scores, be it percentages or grades. Potential candidates from across diverse backgrounds can also be compared on the basis of a common benchmark prevalent across the various academic frameworks.

Sample Student Registration Form

Name of the student:      ———————————-

Father’s Name: ———————————–

Mother’s Name: ———————————–

Address Line1:  ———————————–

Address Line2: ———————————–

City:  ———————————–

District:   ———————————–

State:   ———————————–

Pin Code:    ———————————–

E-mail:       ———————————-

Date of Birth of the student: Date format (dd-mm-yyyy):    ———————————–

Mobile Number:  ———————————–

Education:  ———————————–

Sex of the student: Male Female ———————————–

Category: SC ST OBC GEN ———————————–

Select Branch:  ———————————–

Medium: Hindi / English

License Number:  ———————————–

Date of Expiry: ———————————–

Date format (dd-mm-yyyy) ———————————–

Nearest Exam Centre:  ———————————–

Sponsorship Company Details

Company Name:  ———————————–

Address:  ———————————–

Contact Person:  ———————————–

Telephone:  ———————————–

E-mail:  ———————————–

Location:  ———————————–

Candidate ID:  ———————————–

Agent counselor No: ——————————


Download Student Registration Form in Word Format

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