Supplier Registration Form

July 8, 2011

A supplier registration form gives inclusion of a business into the database of the manufacturer which entails the upstart of a new business opportunity for the supplier.

Sample Supplier Registration Form

Business Details

Name of Business                                                     ________________________

Address                                                      _________________________

City                                                                        _________________________

Post/Zip Code                                                           _________________________

Country                                                                    _________________________

Registration Number & Country where

Registered                                                         _________________________

Name of Parent Company or Group

(If different from above)                                                      __________________________

Date when Company formed                                          __________________________

Description of your essential portfolio                                       _________________________

Business type;

(Ex. Public / Limited

Company, Limited Company, Sole

Trader, Partnership, Limited

Partnership, etc.)                                                   __________________________

For currency please enter 3 digit currency code e.g. INR for Indian Rupees, USD for US Dollars, GBP for Great British Pounds etc.

Annual turnover of last year (Currency & Amount)                 _________________________

Profit before Tax for last year                              __________________________

Total number of permanent employee’s                  ___________________________

Other sites/offices Address                                       ___________________________

Which products/services are usually?

Sub-contracted?                                            ____________________________

Name & Address of major sub-contractors                       _____________________________


Contact Details

Primary contact name                                              ____________________________

Telephone number                                               _____________________________

Fax number                                                ______________________________

Email ID                                                        ______________________________

Company web site URL                                 _____________________________


Details of two sources we may contact to seek references in relation to services provided by your Business.

Business name                                                       ______________________________

Address                                                                ______________________________

Contact name                                                         _____________________________

Telephone/Mobile Number                                       _____________________________

Number of years providing goods/services to the

Business                                                      _____________________________

Goods/Services provided                                                 _____________________________

Download Supplier Registration Form in Word Format

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