Background Check Release Form

July 11, 2011

A background check release form is an authorization given by an employee to his employer. It permits the employer to check the credentials of the new employee and the trueness in the details furnished by him. Some of the things that are verified are previous employment details, testimonials, educational qualifications, credit history and existence of criminal records if any. In most cases the background check is mandatory under by most of the corporate companies and more so the IT companies. The new employee gives consent for checking all the details furnished by him to his employer through the background check release form.

Sample Background check release form


Applicant’s Name                                                                       ____________________

Applicant’s date of birth                                                             ____________________

Applicant’s age as on joining date                                             ____________________

Applicant’s present address                                                       _____________________

Applicant’s contact information                                                _____________________

Applicant’s email address                                                          _____________________

Appointment letter copy                                                             ____________________

Employee id if allotted                                                               _____________________

Designation of applicant                                                             ____________________

Department allotted to applicant                                                ____________________

Name of the head of the department                                          ____________________

Designation of head of the department                                      ____________________

If hired directly by the company or through consultant            ____________________

Name of the consultant (if applicable)                                      ____________________

Kind of employment

Contract basis                                                                           ____________________

On HR rolls                                                                              ____________________

Probation period assigned to employee                                    ____________________

Declaration by applicant to permit acquisition of

Necessary documents from authorities for scrutiny                    __________________

Applicant’s signature                                                                  ___________________

Date of application                                                                      ___________________


Download Background Check Release Form in Word Format

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