Basic Release Form

July 11, 2011

A basic release form helps in getting a release of exclusive rights over a particular thing. The settlement is made for all claims and obligations which is mutually beneficially and acceptable to both the parties of the transaction. A basic release form can also be taken for the release of a person from all future financial liabilities of a transaction.

Sample Basic release form


Name of the releaser                                                          ___________________

Complete address of the releaser                                      ____________________

Contact number of the releaser                                         ____________________

Name of the release                                                        ____________________

Complete address of the release                                     ____________________

Contact number of release                                              ____________________

Description of kind of release                                          ____________________

Reason for release                                                            ____________________

Date of actual release                                                        ___________________

Consideration received for release                                   ____________________

Release in favor of the various future uses

To be specified

For further publication                                                     ___________________

For further reproduction/reprint                                       ___________________

For further publication in magazines                               ___________________

For future usage with or without releaser’s name           ___________________

Declaration of voluntary assignment                                ___________________

If release total or partial                                                    ___________________

Legal recourse on violation of release at a later date        ___________________

Signature of releaser                                                         ___________________

Signature of parent/Guardian

(In case releaser is a minor)                                              ___________________

Submission Date                                                                ___________________

Place                                                                                   ___________________

Submitted to authority name                                              ___________________

If release accepted or not                                                   ___________________

Official seal of authorized person to whom release has been submitted                                                           ___________________


Download Basic Release Form in Word Format

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