Beneficiary Release Form

July 11, 2011

A beneficiary release form necessarily helps a beneficiary in obtaining property that has been assigned to him from another person. The beneficiary release form is usually submitted in the jurisdiction of the court where the case has been registered. It is only through the usage of this form that a beneficiary can claim the property that he is legally eligible to get after complete verification and completion of court proceedings.

Sample Beneficiary release form


Submission to the designate authority                                           __________________

Country of registration                                                                  ___________________

Date of receipt of release form                                                      ___________________

Names of all the beneficiaries in case of more than one              ___________________

Home communication address of beneficiary                            ___________________

Office communication address of beneficiary                             ___________________

Contact number of beneficiary                                                     ___________________

Personal identification document of beneficiary                         ___________________

Relationship of beneficiary with property assignee                     __________________

Specification of case number                                                        ___________________

Production of proof of property                                                   ___________________

Declaration by the probate for release of property                       ___________________

Declaration by any other part beneficiary for release                  ___________________

Signature of the beneficiary                                                         ___________________

(Should not be guardians, agents and other benefactors)

Details of beneficiary in case not individual

Such as trust, multiple beneficiaries etc)                                      __________________

If beneficiary a spouse production of marriage certificate          ___________________

Production of family member certificate in the absence

Of marriage certificate                                                                 ___________________

Signature of witness 1 along with date                                         ___________________

Signature of witness 2 along with date                                        ___________________


Download Beneficiary Release Form in Word Format

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