Doctor Release Form

July 11, 2011

Doctor release form is an effective document widely used by the doctors/ health practitioners to issue the requested patient data by compiling the available information records of a particular patient. However, the official format of such a form may vary according to the hospitals or nursing homes.

Sample Doctor Release Form:

Patient details:

First Name of the patient : _____________ middle name: _______________ last name: _________________


Street no: ______________ City: _____________________state: _____________ country
: ___________ PIN: _____________

Resident phone number: _________________

E-mail id: ______________________________

Social security number: __________________

Concerned doctor details:

Name of the doctor: ________________

Department Appointment: ____________

Service ID: ______________________

Name of the clinic: ___________________

Address: ____________________________

Contact number: ______________________

E-mail id: ___________________________

Website (if any): ______________________

Doctor release form terms:

Patient record number: _________________

Type of release: ________________ medial check up reports/ diagnosis information/ patient record history/ physiological reports/ progress reports/ laboratory tests/ others

Official cause behind this release: ________________ Personal use/ medical use/ required for further health check up

Date of release: ____/ ____/ ____

Signed by the concerned doctor: _______________

Signed by the transcriptionist: _________________

Signed by the patient: _______________________

Signature of the parents/ guardian if the patient is a minor: ___________________

Date: __________/ ____________/ ______________

Official seal: ________________________________


Download Doctor Release Form in Word Format

Sample Search Forms:

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