Generic Release Form

July 11, 2011

A generic release form is an official binding document outlined with the essential clauses & terms, which are accepted by the two concerned parties in order to release and receive certain information. Such a form can be validated by accepting and signing it.

Sample Generic Release Form:

Details of the releaser:

Registered name of the firm/ company/ individual: _________________


Street No: _____________ City: ______________ State: _________________ Country: _______________ ZIP: _______________

Official phone number: _______________

E-mail id: ___________________________

Website: ____________________________

10 digit TIN number: ________________

Type of business: __________________________

Details of generic release terms:

Type of the release instrument: _____________ mechanical/ electrical/ architectural/ medical

Please mention the type of job to be performed by above released instruments: ___________________

Instrument are issued to the firm/ individual: ________________ (name)

Instrument are released as _____________ sold/ purchased/ rented/l eased

Date of release: ___/ ____/ ____ valid till: ____/ ____/ _____

Official details of the receiver:

Name of the company/ firm/ individual: _________________

Address: __________________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________________

E-mail id: _________________________________________

Website: _________________________________________

TIN Number: ______________________________________

Type of trade: _____________________________________

For official use only:

Signed by the releaser: _______________

Signed by the head of the department: __________________

Checked by the concerned authority: ____________________________________

Date: ____/ _____/ ______

Office seal: ____________

Download Generic Release Form in Word Format

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