Judgement Release Form

July 11, 2011

A Judgement release form is an official document, which is used by the two parties to settle some dispute, matter or official issue. These types of forms include the details of both the parties involved and the details of the judgement released.

Sample Judgement release form:

Details of the plaintiff:

First name: __________ middle name: ____________ last name: ____________

Date of birth: ____/ ____/ ____ Age: _______ Sex: ______ Male/ Female

Registered address:

Street no: _________ city: ________ state: ________ country: _________

Phone number: ______________

E-mail id: ___________________

Occupation: ____________________

Details of the defendant:

Name of the company/ individual/ form: ______________

Registered address: _______________________________

Contact number: __________________________________

E-mail id: ________________________________________

Website: _________________________________________

Terms of judgement release: _________

The subject of the judgement release: _______________

Judgement release date: ____/ ____/ ___

This is to certify that both the parties are agreed to settle the matter without any argue and disagreement. Hereby, the defendant has agreed to pay an amount of $ ____ as a settlement deposit, whereas the plaintiff is agreed to take his petition back.

For official use:

Signature of the plaintiff: ___________

Signature of the defendant: _________

Signature of the witness1: ___________

Signature of the witness2: ___________

Date: ___/ ____/ ___

Seal: ____________

Download Judgement Release Form in Word Format

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